is an embedded integration and automation platform for SaaS companies

Offer your customers comprehensive integrations between your SaaS platform, Surveymonkey and Microsoft Dynamics

Fast, flexible and powerful integrations is an embedded integration platform for SaaS companies. Use the Blend Editor to create comprehensive integrations between your SaaS platform and 500+ marketing, sales and events cloud tools without coding.

Integrate your SaaS platform with Surveymonkey and Microsoft Dynamics to sync data between cloud tools, trigger certain actions in Surveymonkey and Microsoft Dynamics when some data changes in your SaaS platform and the other way around.

Supported features


List surveys
Get survey
List survey responses
Get survey response
Get all details of a survery response. Only available for paid plans in Surveymonkey (not the Free plan).
List contacts
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Microsoft Dynamics

Delete account
Search accounts by email
Get account
List new and updated accounts incrementally
Create account
Update account
List accounts
Search accounts incrementally
List leads
Search leads by email
List new and updated leads incrementally
Get lead
Update lead
Create lead
List opportunities
Get opportunity
List new and updated opportunities incrementally
Create opportunity
Update opportunity
Get contact
List members of static list
Search contacts by query
Search contacts using a FetchXML query. Use this to e.g. retrieve the members of a dynamic list. Get the list first, and use its "query" property as input for this function.
List contacts batch
List new contacts incrementally only once
List new and updated contacts incrementally
Associate contact with entity
List new and updated contacts of static list incrementally
Delete contact
List contacts from dynamic list
Create contact
Update contact
List contacts
Search contact by email
Search contact by email - All fields
Get list
Add member to a list
List savedqueries
Get metadata
Get metadata of an entity
List entity types
List fields of an entity
List optionset fields of an entity
List fields of a lead(Blendr internal use only)
List systemusers
Get systemuser
Get current user name
List new and updated users incrementally
List roles
Get role
Get phone call
List phone calls
Create phone call
Update phone call
Update phone call status
Get url
List records from table
List new and updated records from table incrementally
List orders
List new and updated orders incrementally
List appointments
Get appointment
Create appointment
Update appointment
Create note
List entities
Create entity
Update entity
Get entity
Search entity incrementally
Delete entity
List campaigns
Get campaign
Create campaign
Update campaign
Create campaign response
List apps
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