Offer your customers comprehensive integrations between your SaaS platform and Exact Online

Fast, flexible and powerful integrations is an embedded integration platform for SaaS companies. Use the Blend Editor to create comprehensive integrations between your SaaS platform and 500+ marketing, sales and events cloud tools without coding.

Integrate your SaaS platform with Exact Online to sync data between cloud tools, trigger certain actions in Exact Online when some data changes in your SaaS platform and the other way around.

Supported features for Exact Online

List account owners
List contacts
Create contact
Get contact
List new and updated contacts incrementally
Update contact
List contacts in division
List new and updated contacts in division incrementally
List opportunities
List purchase invoices
Create purchase invoice
List purchase invoice lines
Create purchase invoice line
List sales invoices
Search sales invoices for account
Create sales invoice
Get sales invoice
Update sales invoice
Delete sales invoice
Get sales invoice line
Create sales invoice line
Update sales invoice line
Delete sales invoice line
List new and updated sales invoices incrementally
List journals
Approve purchase
List sales orders
Get sales order
List sales orders lines
Get sales order line
Create sales order line
List goods deliveries
Create goods delivery
List goods delivery lines
Create goods delivery line
List shipping methods
Delete sales order
Update sales order line
Delete sales order line
Get goods delivery
Update goods delivery
Get goods delivery line
Update goods delivery line
Create invoice sales order
Create sales order
Update sales order
Get purchase order
List new and updated sales orders incrementally
List accounts
Get account
Get account in division
Create account
Create a new account
Update account
Update an account
List new and updated accounts incrementally
List accounts in division
List new and updated accounts in division incrementally
List projects
Search projects for account
Update project
Create project
Delete project
Get work breakdown structure (WBS) by project
Search opportunities for account
Create opportunity
Update opportunity
List divisions
Get division
Add address to entity
By specifying the account/contact id(or both) it will link this address to that account/contact.
Update entity address
List addresses
List bank accounts
Get bank account
Create bank account
Create a new bank account
Update bank account
Update a bank account
List GL accounts
List API rate limitations
List direct debit mandates
Get direct debit mandate
Create direct debit mandate
Create a new account
Update direct debit mandate
Generic create
Generic update
Generic delete
Generic get
Generic list
List items
List warehouses
Get item
Create item
Update item
Delete item
List subscriptions
List subscription lines
Get subscription
Get subscription line
Delete subscription line
Delete subscription
Create subscription line
Create subscription
List item groups
Get item group
Update subscription line
Update subscription
List new and updated subscription lines incrementally
List subscription types
List lines from subscription
List users
List documents
List document attachments
Get PDF file
Returns the base64 encoded image of the PDF document
Get UBL XML of invoice
Returns the XML UBL of the invoice
List transaction lines
List general journal entries
List general journal entry lines
Create general journal entry
List general ledger accounts
Get transaction line
Get general journal entry
Get general journal entry line
Get general ledger account
List receivables
List revenue list by year
List revenue
List reporting balance
List reporting balance by classification
List GLSchemes
Get receivable
Get reporting balance
List quotations
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