is an embedded integration and automation platform for SaaS companies

Offer your customers comprehensive integrations between your SaaS platform, ACTITO and

Fast, flexible and powerful integrations is an embedded integration platform for SaaS companies. Use the Blend Editor to create comprehensive integrations between your SaaS platform and 150+ marketing, sales and events cloud tools without coding.

Integrate your SaaS platform with ACTITO and to sync data between cloud tools, trigger certain actions in ACTITO and when some data changes in your SaaS platform and the other way around.

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Supported features


List profiles
Create or update profile
Get profile by email
List new profiles incrementally only once
Add profile to segment
Search profiles
List updated profiles incrementally only once
Get profile by field
Get profile by id
Delete profile by id
Update profile
Get profile count
Update profile attribute
List profile tables
Get profile table structure
Get custom table structure
List entities in license
List profile tables by entity
List custom tables
Import in custom table
List records from custom table
Create or update record in custom table
Update record in custom table
Delete record in custom table
Search records from custom table
List profile subscriptions
Add profile subscription
Delete profile subscription
List profile subscriptions by id
Add profile subscription by id
Delete profile subscription by id
List profile interactions
List profile interactions by id
List email campaigns
Import profiles
Get import info
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List prospects
Get prospect
Create prospect
Update prospect
Delete prospect
Set prospect to qualified
Set prospect to not qualified
Set prospect to converted
Set prospect to not converted
Set prospect to archived
Set prospect to not archived
Get prospect by email
List campaigns
Get campaign
List users
Get user
List lists
Get list
List campaign steps
Get campaign step
Create subscription
Get subscription
Stop subscription
Find emails
Verify email
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