List Contacts (objects)

Parse contacts from email
Parameter Type Example value Description
subject * string Thanks for meeting
from_address * string
from_name * string Bill Gates
htmlbody * string <div>Hi, good seeing you the other day.</div><div>--</div><div>Bill Gates</div><div>Cell 777-444-8888</div><a href=\"\">LinkedIn</a><a href=\"\">Twitter</a>
plainbody * string Hi, good seeing you the other day. \r\n--\r\nBill Gates\r\nCell 777-444-8888
date * string 2017-01-01T00:00:00
maxitemcount int 200 Sets the maximum number of items to return, default is 100
curl  -X GET  \
-H "appid: 12345" \
-H "apikey: *****" \